Joi (Joey) or Jo

OWNER/grower of all plants + MOM OF NOAH + caretaker of plants + designer OF the farm + NATURE LOVER + PROBLEM SOLVER + OBSESSED WITH SCRATCH FOOD + CREATIVE artS junkie + MOVIE GEEK + SURFER + Multiple Sclerosis FIGHTER + hardcore gymnastics TEACHER OF LITTLE humans


MHF MARKET Manager + DAD OF NOAH + hard core lifter of everything heavy + BUILDER + FIXER + INSURANCE & tax MASTER + eater of peanut m&m’s + lover of cleveland sports, SPORTS statistics & steven king BOOKS + pied-piper of animals + rider of mopeds + life-long, hardcore clevelander


assistant with everything + SON OF JOI & MIKE + MHF plant transporter + nature lover + vegan + honors COLLEGE student + LOVER OF TACOS + artist + poet + MUSIC MAKER + adventurer + skater + coffee lover + killer photographer VIDEOgrapher + passion for fashion + world traveler



Jo and her dad, Colin Gray, at his Connecticut homestead in the 90’s with his award-winning giant pumpkin… naturally-grown and organic. A native of Maryland, when Colin moved to Connecticut in 1984, he brought with him multiple truckloads of his organic Maryland soil he had worked for years on… He taught Jo (and still teaches Jo) to garden, grow, harvest, and preserve with sustainable, biodynamic, chemical-free, organic + regenerative methods. He is beyond knowledgable, reads everything, and his patience in teaching is without measure.

A little paternal history… Colin’s father, Richard, sold his vegetables, fruit and herbs at farmers markets throughout Washington D.C. & Maryland in the early 1900’s. Colins grandfather, James, owned and operated a large thriving tobacco farm in Maryland for decades… along with producing moonshine during Prohibition and The Great Depression. James helped many local families stay afloat during The Great Depression so law enforcement looked the other way. The Gray family has owned and operated farms throughout Maryland for hundreds of years.


Jo on her maternal grandparents South Florida home - Drop Anchor Ranch. Lots of horses, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, lizards, frogs, mosquitos, dogs and cats. Jo had to do farm chores just like every one else there while she was there, although she did ballet from chore to chore. Her grandparents started this ranch in the 1970’s after Jo’s grandfather, Capt. Sherwin James Sleeper, retired from serving in the Navy and at the Pentagon.


Jo’s many times maternal great grandparents on their family farm in Illinois during the 1800’s. Obviously snapping selfies was a lot different back then... had they only known then that this photo would be on the internet someday.