Magnolia Herb Farm


Magnolia Herb Farm is currently in transition to a new, larger location in NE Ohio. We are super excited for you to be a part of this journey with us. We will keep you updated on our goings-on’s and farm-move-happenings throughout this crazy process on social media and through our quarterly newsletter.

Please wish us luck, send us prayers, knock-on-wood, throw salt over your shoulder… for a safe transition.

PS - you guys make this farm possible. Thank you for your continued + heart-felt support over the last 5 years!



Magnolia Herb Farm was established in 2014 from a desire to be active participants in the change we wish to see in local communities food systems. We believe in growing clean, nutrient-dense foods that taste delicious and heal our bodies from the inside out. We also believe in regenerating communities through regenerative, organic agriculture in order to build clean living soils and teach others how to create thriving backyard ecosystems.


Magnolia Herb Farm is a small farm located in Medina, OH, just 40 minutes SW of Cleveland. We offer culinary + medicinal fresh cut herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, dried herbs, dried edible flowers, specialty crops, herb/vegetable/fruit seedlings + plants all grown by hand from certified organic, nonGMO, and heirloom seed or cuttings from organic plants to be offered at local farmers' markets throughout NE Ohio. Beginning in 2020, MHF will offer herbs + edible organic flowers for weddings and special events, an array of educational workshops for adults & children, and seasonal events at the farm.

Magnolia Herb Farm is a working farm and is not open to the public, with the exception of workshops & public events at the farm - stay tuned on our HAPPENINGS page!


Joi (Joey) Melillo (mah-LIL-oh) is the crazy plant lady who runs MHF. The farm is named for Jo’s maternal great-grandmother, Norah, who traveled from Scotland to America as a teen with her eleven year old sister Alice after WW1. Norah settled down in Long Beach, CA with her young family in a sweet little neighborhood on Magnolia Avenue. Unfortunately, Norah passed away at a young age before even turning 34 years old. She was a strong, tenacious woman who fought to make a new, thriving life here in America. Jo named the farm MAGNOLIA in homage to her great-grandmother Norah who lived on Magnolia Avenue… may her memory be forever rooted in our farm.

Jo has been in the organic gardening + farming culture since she was a tot (see pics on MHF Instagram’s page). Her mom made scratch organic baby food from their organic home garden she tended with Jo’s dad… who was very interested in biodynamic farming to produce healthy, living soils. Jo grew up in a household who grew & stored a lot of their own delicious food, believed in leaving things better than when found, and most importantly, believed everyone needs to work WITH & FOR the protection, preservation, conservation + regeneration of the land we steward no matter how big or small. Each person makes a huge difference.

Of course the farm is not run by one person, Jo’s whole family is always around working, doing, advising and managing whatever needs to be done. You’ll see them at one point or another probably at the farmers markets. Just a little, fun tidbit…. Mike, Jo’s other half, likes to share his affinity for homemade, herb-infused whipped cream plopped right on top of freshly baked cookies or brownies. TRY IT!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the fam behind the farm. Be forewarned, we’re a little unconventional + a tiny bit crazy.



Our farms business goals are always evolving; striving to do & be more than we are. Here are our top 4 at this moment.

– to increase our farms rural + urban land supply

– to maximize our farms REGENERATIVe & sustainable practices to grow + sell more nutrient-dense foods from our farm and thus creating more biodiversity on our land

– to build market stands & A brick + mortAr education center TO INCREASE OUR IMPACT within our local communities and have it become a riple-effect throughout our region

To develop good paying, healthy jobs for all people - people WHO love farming, want to learn more about regen-farming, ARE in need, are in transition, ARE disabled, +/OR ARE elderly — Magnolia Herb Farm does not discriminate